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The journey

My name is Shay Krafft and this is a little story of how Sugar Sands Sweets came to be.

The old saying "life happens". After many years of chasing the corporate ladder, well layoffs happen. While it felt icky in the moment, it allowed me the time to reflect on what inspires me, what energizes me, and what I wanted to do with all that corporate knowledge. Well we sold our house, packed up a few things and headed south to the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida. We knew we wanted to retire here, so getting here just came a little earlier than expected. Not retirement yet, we could wish, or fingers crossed this journey helps us realize retirement one day.

I was organizing the kitchen in our new home - what else to do while I continued to ponder my next chapter. I happened across some old baking and decorating recipes. It conjured up memories of the fun I had long before corporate life - you know the creative, fun things we did when we didn't have to worry about mortgages, car payments, and retirement savings. I thought it might take my mind off landing another job in the layoff frenzy world.

Specialty cookies adorned with elegant decorations for a bachelorette soirée

Shay Krafft


Specialty cookies adorned with elegant decorations for a bachelorette soirée

So I quietly baked and decorated about 4 dozen cupcakes in one day. It was the happiest "work" feeling I had experienced in a while! Why couldn't I do THIS for a living?! No really, why couldn't I do this. Of course about an hour later my practical side kicked in. I had convinced myself that I was free floating in dream land and there was no way I could support us - I had clearly baked this idea during an obvious sugar high. When I started to share my idea with my husband I was already prepared for all the practical reasons why it wouldn't work, pretty much had debated every thought during my one-sided conversation with him. Instead his response was "of course we have to do this, just look at your excitement and passion!" 

So here I am, hoping you enjoy all the work being put into these handcrafted treats. It's just the start of the journey so check back with us as we keep you updated on our ups and downs, yes there will be downs. I hope you will drop me a note if we hit or miss the mark. And I welcome all ideas and suggestions. Maybe one day you all will love our treats enough that we can open a retail store front so I can visit with you while you enjoy the sweets!

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